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Science and Technology Industrial Park, Shuangfeng County Economic Development Zone, Hunan Province



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    National market

  • 1993

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  • Hot Sales Products

    6NH-4 butterfly new model 10 adjustment combine rice mill machine

    The rice milling part of the machine can remove paddy husk and whitening rice at one time

    6NF-4B Combined Rice Mill Machine

    The rice milling part of the machine can remove paddy husk and whitening rice at one time

    6N-F26 Hamid Rice Machine

    The model is beautiful in appearance, simple in operation and fast in rice output, and is mainly suitable for home processing.

    6NF-90 Rice Mill Machine

    The machine is easy to operate and easy to maintain, and is mainly suitable for home processing.

    6N-4 Rice Mill Machine

    The rice milling part of the machine can process the paddy to rice at one time

    6N Hami rice mill

    The machine is easy to operate and easy to maintain, and is mainly suitable for home processing.

    Latest Products

    6NS-4 Cabinet Type Rice Mill

    6NS-4 Cabinet type Rice Mill Machine,can remove paddy husk and whitening rice at one time, and can complete the separation of whitening rice, broken rice, rice bran  at the same time. Easy to operate

    9ZT-0.6T Chaff Cutter

    The series of mowers/grass can cut dry (wet) grass materials such as corn stover, royal grass

    5TY-43-86 Corn Thresher

    Structure improvement design, high-efficiency automatic corn thresher includes rack

    Hunan Jinsong Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 1993, Hunan Jinsong Machinery Co., Ltd. is the earliest agricultural machinery enterprise specialized in the production of micro-combined rice machines in Hunan Province. In 2009, it was renamed through optimization and integration.


    10th Hunan Machinery EXPO in Loudi City--Rice Mill Machine from Jinsong

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    10th Hunan Machinery EXPO in Loudi City--Rice Mill Machine from Jinsong
    1st China-Africa Economic and Trade EXPO 2019 in Changsha City
    1st China-Africa Economic and Trade EXPO 2019 in Changsha City
    Zhang Xihui, member of the Standing Committee of the Loudi Municipal Committee and executive deputy mayor, led the team to inves
    On June 12, Zhang Xihui, member of the Standing Committee of the Loudi Municipal Party Committee and executive deputy mayor,

    Brand Strategy

    After multi-party demonstration and repeated trial production, in 2012, it passed the appraisal of agricultural machinery achievements in Hunan Province and put it into the

    market. After continuous improvement of technology and innovative products,

    Now it has become one of the largest manufacturers of small-scale agricultural machinerys in China.